GFUMC celebrates that we are a blended service. In addition to our praise band, we have a landmark instrument from Phoenix Organs. It is the largest hybrid organ in the continental USA. Our services are relaxed in atmosphere and intense in worship. Our meeting time for SONday worship is 10 a.m. SONday school is at 9 a.m. We are growing in hosting different topics for Christian Adult Education.

Our worship services last about an hour. You are invited to dress as comfortably as needed. If you have children, please bring them with you into the sanctuary. We love to hear the sound of children laughing, singing, and enjoying themselves. Again, our services are relaxed in atmosphere and intense in worship!

Our mission is to be a place where everyone can embrace the 'do-over to life' that Jesus offers to children, youth, and adults through His grace!

Our Wednesday programs begin with Youth arriving at 5 pm and being served supper prior to their break-out session.

We are a missional church that is continuously serving our community. If you have a passion to serve, this is a church where individuals can flourish in discovering and practicing one’s spiritual gifts!

GFUMC is a place where individuals are equipped to embody the transfiguration associated with the unconditional, invitational, and transformational love of God through Christ. The experience of Christian community is a source of spiritual encouragement. Within this encouragement, life’s values and aspirations become filled with passion, purpose, and pursuit of God’s Kingdom. Within this pursuit, individuals will experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Yet, the journey will be as rewarding as the eternal promise of constant communion with God!

Service Times
Sunday School
9:00am Sunday 9:00 am Sunday
10:00am Sunday 10:00 am Sunday